A comprehensive guide to 150+ real casinos in 30 countries

The new way of telling the real land-based casinos story. We want this book to inspire your travel dreams while at the same time give you practical local advice and knowledge, which has informed how the book is structured for ease of reading. This book is going to walk you through all the pros and cons of different countries around the world that are also solid picks if you want to get in some gambling as part of your travels.

Yet, for some people, playing the pokies in an AU online casino is a better gaming experience than playing in a club or casino, and its not just because you can sit on your own couch or comfy chair to do it. The book is broken down into easy sections by country and each country is in turn split into different geographical areas. The sections are presented in the form of short articles, each with a different purpose. Rather than reading a long-form travelogue about each country, you’ll be reading short pieces of bite-size information. We want you to get clear information as quickly as possible. For this reason, we’ve made the process practical, engaging, and efficient. Take it from us- when it comes to planning for your dream vacation, it’s all about what you know before you go!

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"The author writes only after she has experienced those locations and casinos she reports in the book. This is why the book does not read like a bunch of travel brochures. Thus, the credibility of those experience gets higher as the author has sampled it herself. One should view the book as a friendly and expert advice on travel and casinos."

Megan and Mike, MappingMegan.com

"The World Travel Guide for Gamblers is your answer to the best casinos while travelling. Forget about spending hours researching the web for blogs and sites – this guide is up-to-date and has all the information you need. Whether you’re a professional or occasional gambler or just a curious traveller who wants to immerse into an exciting subculture, get the guide now!"

Kian and Sri, How2TravelSmart.com

"The collaborative efforts of all the six authors of the book, gives us the best destination for gambling from all over the globe. They all are experts at the art of gambling hence you will get an in-depth knowledge of all the tricks, etiquette, tipping etc. that is involved in the game. The writers of the book have also received critical acclamation. A very good and interesting bit of gambling life has been shared by them."

Jyotsna, TravelTamed.com

Casino Reviewers

Aisyah Llewellyn Aisyah is originally from London but now lives in beautiful Indonesia and writes widely about food and travel in South East Asia. Fluent in Indonesian, she runs tours in her spare time educating travellers about Indonesian food. You can follow her on Twitter @BRITgrlINDOfood

Aurelija Brazenaite The owner of Rankumagija is also a passionate traveler sharing passion for deep diving, discovering new places, healthy lifestyle, books, movies, and seafood.

Charmaine Kedmenec Grew up in Melbourne Australia, worked all over that country in theatre and television for most of my life. Met my husband in 2001 (I think!), and since then we've moved house, a lot, been apart for work, a lot, and started a new business together, just once.

Dara Denney Kind of nerdy. A little political. Travel (and) Writer in Cairo. Creator of The Traveller's Cookbook. You can follow her on Twitter @thetravellerscb

Jessica Walrack Jessica Walrack is a professional writer from Clovis, California who has been writing and traveling internationally for 4 years. She regularly contributes to several online magazines and keeps her own blog.

Marea Harris I am Marea Harris. I have MBA with emphasis in Finance and I'm doing travel writing.

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