Flying Casinos – The New Frontier in Aviation

The casino industry is growing, and unique innovations have helped to power this growth. One such innovation is the flying casino. Simply put, a flying casino is a casino built inside an airplane that is capable of both short-distance and long-distance flights. The concept of a flying casino was experimented with as early as the 1980s when Singapore Airlines tried to offer gambling services inflight but the project did not succeed. A later attempt by Swissair to build inflight casinos, complete with an in-flight entertainment system, was met with resistance from both the staff and regulatory authorities, especially after one of the planes that were fitted with this system crashed. It was speculated that the crash was caused by the incorporation of an in-flight casino and entertainment system, and this system was therefore regarded as potentially unsafe for airplanes to have onboard.

Regardless, a number of airlines attempted to establish a successful flying casino. Then, two of the leading pioneers, Rynair and Virgin Atlantic, tried to build an in-flight casino but it became increasingly clear that they needed better technology than what was available at that time. Therefore, with rapid advances in technology, the idea of building a flying casino was actualized, especially after the incorporation of Wi-Fi technology into the system, which allowed travelers to play best online casino games. Both Rynair and Virgin Atlantic introduced gambling services in some of their flights, and they were closely followed by Qatar Airways which was the first to over casino services for long-haul travel.


High Rollers

Even so, not every traveler can afford the casino services. Due to the nature and high cost of investment used to build a flying casino, it is unsurprising that it can only accommodate wealthy gamblers, popularly described as the high rollers in the industry. The need to provide these gamblers with exclusive casino services has driven investors to incorporate luxury features into flying casinos. Likewise, some of the gamblers are businesspeople who are traveling to overseas destinations to attend to business matters, or simply to tour these areas. Therefore, the flying casino not only offers a gambling platform, but it also serves as a medium for luxury travel, and even luxury tourism.

Luxury Travel

Travellers who have booked to travel as business class usually expect quality service and exceptional traveling experience. For this reason, the business class is fitted and designed to exude opulence, as well as provide comfort for the passengers. It is therefore not surprising that the business class is usually chosen as the ideal place to fit a casino inside an airplane.

The casino can also be easily fitted into the first-class airplane. This process is quite simple because top-class flights already have bars, restaurants, and a dedicated lounge section that can easily be redesigned and repurposed to fit at least one casino gambling table.

The in-flight lounge is completed by the addition of casino games. Depending on the quality of the interior design, and the degree of innovativeness of the custom designer, the experience in the flying casino can make you feel that you are in a high-end casino club in Las Vegas. However, this comes at a cost. The sleeker the design is, so too does the traveling cost and service charges increase. However, the increasing adoption of digital games by the general population has also spurred gamblers to start playing online casino games, and some of them even favor online games over the physical casino games. If airplanes start offering an affordable platform that allows travelers to get welcome casino bonuses, then the cost of in-flight casinos is bound to come down sooner rather than later. However, at present, inflight casinos are still regarded as the preserve of extravagant travels, hence the high cost of playing casino games onboard.

All the same, as more and more people grow wealthy, there is bound to be an increase in the demand of inflight casino games; and the present projections point to a growth in the market for flying casinos. It is therefore likely that more airlines will start offering options for onboard casino games. Hence, the prospects for flying casinos at the present are still promising. This is moreso, as an increasing number of travellers demand for exceptional flight experience and are willing to pay more to get it.

Unique Casino Experience

These airplanes have custom interiors that have been purposely designed to provide a distinct casino experience. One of the leading custom designers for these flying casinos is AirJet Designs, and the firm has recently stated that it can redesign the interior of any Boeing 777 so that it cannot only look like a casino, but that it can also have the feel and experience of a casino; and that the flight attendants and travellers in the airplane can think that they are inside a high-end casino. This also allows the travelling gamblers to have an unmatched social travel experience, especially for long-haul travellers.

Casino Jet Lounge

Generally, the interior of a flying casino has a luxury lounge that features luxury seats, bar service, and casino game tables; as well as provide the space where the gamblers can move around and mingle together. These features define a casino jet lounge, and they allow the travellers to experience the unique nature of social travel provided by flying casinos. Presently, the two leading firms that specialize in building customized casino jet lounge are Designescence and AirJet Designs, both of which are owned by French citizens.

These two firms wants to actualize the retro-futuristic ideas of the 1950s and 1960s; and they have chosen to do so by creating avant-garde interior designs for flying casinos. However, in 2013, when they were trying to build custom designs for inflight casinos, they were faced by one key impediment - legal hurdles.

Legal Stature

Air travel means that the gamblers are flying through the airspace of different nations. In some of these nations, gambling is prohibited and the travellers can be prosecuted if arrested. However, at the moment, there is no conclusive and overarching legislation that regulates the gambling activities of flying casinos. Nonetheless, to avoid falling foul with the laws of different countries, most of the flight routes of flying casinos avoid airspaces of countries that have banned gambling. Likewise, flying casinos can only be built in a number of select places due to the ambiguity of the law governing inflight casinos. However, this is set to change as more airlines plan to introduce inflight casinos into their service programs. Moreover, as stronger and bigger planes are being built, then there will be enough space to build an inflight casino, complete with its casino lounge, without compromising the operations of the aircraft as a whole.