Are No Deposit Bonuses Worth It?

No deposit bonuses mainly come in 2 forms, a cash bonus or a free spin no deposit bonus. While both seem to have great benefits as they let you play for free, do they really present an advantage? How do the terms and conditions affect the bonus value and what’s worth looking out for with these bonuses? Let’s dive in and check what no deposit bonuses are all about.

To find out if these bonuses are worth accepting, you’d need to know exactly what a no deposit is and what it’s meant for. Most casinos provide these bonuses to attract players by offering free cash or free spins after registration, but before making a deposit, hence it’s called a no deposit bonus.

Of course, this is a great advantage as the casino is the only one risking funds and it allows you to play games and possible score some real cash. So, what’s the catch you might be asking? Well, the terms and conditions apply various limits and requirements when it comes to what you can do with a no deposit bonus, which differs among casinos. Some make it impossible while others use the bonus as a great opportunity to see what they have to offer.

Fair No Deposit Bonus T’s and C’s

To determine fair terms and conditions with a no deposit bonus, you’d need to understand what each of them mean and how they affect your opportunities. Some casinos include more terms and conditions than others, but here are the ones you can expect with most no deposit bonuses:

Wagering Requirements play a major role with no deposit bonuses, especially if you’d like to try beat them and cashout some real cash. Some casinos make these impossibly high (100x and higher) while others simply require around 50x, which is high, but doable. To put this in an example, a bonus value of $10 with 100x wagering means you need to wager on games to the value of $,1000 before the bonus becomes real money.

Game and time limits are 2 other factors that could add a major disadvantage to your opportunities. It’s common for casinos to allow free spins on just 1 slot, but once you’ve collected the bonus cash winnings or received a cash no deposit bonus, most allow you to play any other slots, except progressive jackpot games and a few listed titles. Ensure the time limits are more than just 24 hours and that it includes enough time for you to use the bonus. Free spins normally need to be played within 24 hours, but you’ll have 7 days to wager the bonus cash, which is fair.

Cashing out a no deposit bonus would include a few steps such as making a deposit, allowing the casino can get the accurate banking details (all casinos require this). The important condition to consider is whether the bonus can be cashed out or is it simply a free gaming bonus. If the bonus isn’t cashable, use it to play games, check out the casino and have some fun. If it is cashable, there’ll also be information about how much you can cashout.

When a No Deposit Bonus Isn’t Worth Accepting

There are a few things that could make a no deposit bonus worth leaving completely along with no joining the casino at all. Those that don’t list the terms and conditions clearly and make you read through all their terms and conditions just to find wagering requirements should be avoided as they usually include terms and conditions they don’t want you to find.

Some casinos would include wagering requirements that are just way too high, meaning their other bonuses would also be a lot higher than they should be. The same applies to wagering time limits and the betting values you can use while wagering.